No child should miss out on learning how to swim.

Drowning remains one of the leading causes of preventable death in Australian children.

Australia is known for its beautiful waterways, and swimming is part of the Aussie culture. However, many children across Australia don’t get the opportunity to learn how to swim.

Royal Life Saving research has identified that community groups who are most likely to miss out on formal swimming and water safety education are those who are indigenous, from a culturally or linguistically diverse background, from a low socio-economic community, live in a regional or remote area, have newly arrived in Australia, or are living with a disability.

The Royal Life Saving Swim and Survive Fund provides swimming and water safety courses for children who have had limited or no exposure to the water and vital water safety education.

Since its inception, 7,942 children and teens have received swimming and water safety lessons through the Swim and Survive Fund, but there are many more who need your help.

$80 can provide 5 swimming lessons for one child

$160 can provide 10 swimming lessons for one child

Your donation can provide children with vital swimming and water safety skills that could one day save their life. A priceless gift. 

Royal Life Saving Society - Australia

Royal Life Saving Society - Australia works to prevent drowning and facilitate healthy, active lifestyles by equipping all Australians with water safety skills and knowledge.

For the past 122 years, Royal Life Saving has worked hard to harness the strengths of local communities to reduce drowning and turn everyday people into everyday community lifesavers.

As a dynamic, not-for-profit organisation our tangible areas of activity include Advocacy and awareness-raising, Education, Training, Health Promotion, Aquatic Risk Management, Community Development, Research, Lifesaving Sport, Leadership and Participation and International Partnerships.

Royal Life Saving Society – Australia is a Public Company Limited by Guarantee.

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“We come from a background where I don’t know how to swim and have always been scared of the water, so if my children want to go swimming I get scared as I can’t save them if they get into trouble. It means a lot that my children are learning to swim in the water. Now that my children are learning swimming I feel more confident and not as scared. I don’t feel comfortable to teach them by myself as I can’t swim and can’t afford normal lessons so am very happy with the program.’’

Royal Life Saving Society - Australia
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